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About The Plant and Hire Aid Alliance

The Plant and Hire Aid Alliance consists of like-minded companies in the plant and plant hire industry who are acting together to support the humanitarian effort in Ukraine. Even though many of us have already acted, either as individuals or as companies, we are joined-up in our efforts to provide aid as a group and raise public awareness about the hardships that have been inflicted on millions of Ukrainian families.

The Plant and Hire Aid Alliance is not a political or lobbying group. Instead, we’re making a statement on behalf of our industry. We want people to know that we care and that we are unified in our response to the human tragedy that continues to unfold in front of our eyes.


Our Members

Take a look at our existing members:

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Our Background

Over 10 million people have fled Ukraine since the conflict began. Leaving behind jobs, belongings and loved ones, they now face an uncertain future. Families have been separated. People have been injured. Lives have been lost.

Homes have been destroyed or are unsafe to live in. Critical infrastructure such as health facilities, water supplies and schools have also been damaged or destroyed.

Millions of refugees have fled to Poland, Romania, Hungary and Moldova, often arriving with only what they could carry. There have also been media reports of racism against people of colour who are being refused access to relief, aid and the right to cross the border to safety.

In Ukraine, many older people and people with disabilities have no option but to remain in their homes. They now find themselves isolated, unable to access food and basic necessities.


Our Timeline

15th of March 2022

Appeal launched with customers, suppliers and local communities from the Redditch area including Upper Bentley village and the Abbey Stadium gym

27th of March 2022

Three vehicles depart for Ukraine with over 250 boxes of aid, driven by Jeremy Fish, Julian O’Neill and Gary Hollebone

28th of March 2022

Arrival at Kosice, handover of aid to Rotary International

29th of March 2022

Launch of 1k mattress appeal

10th of April 2022

Delivery of 120 mattresses to the Khurst Humanitarian Centre by Eve Beds (transport provided by Manitou). The beds were delivered directly from France

11th of April 2022

Donation of 280 travel suitcase, bags and holdalls by Antler. Delivered to Ipswich. As well as a donation of 30 pallets of items – 20,000 bottles of hand gel, 4 pallets facemasks (KM95), 3 pallets of new cuddly toys, 3 pallets of hand wipes by Orca Hygiene and Keycraft Global (based in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire)

12th of April 2022

Delivery of 300 mattresses from Dream, Sleepeezee, Bye Bye beds, Wow – the Sleep Experts

13th of April 2022

Appearance on BBC Midlands Today and BBC Worcester and Hereford

16th of April 2022

First delivery of quilts from the Studley Quiltmasters

20th of April 2022

Press coverage by the American Rental Association, and the International Rental News (IRN)

22nd of April 2022

Delivery of 3T of long-lasting food from Suma and an additional 50 mattresses from Wow – the Sleep experts

23rd of April 2022

Second visit from Studley Quilters who had clubbed together again to create new quilts for refugees

25th of April 2022

Pickup of 800 mattresses from Ipswich destination Khurst Humanitarian Centre and a delivery of a transit van full of long-lasting food by Diane Ward-Chase from Polesworth Aid Group as well as a pickup of all except 75 mattresses from Ipswich and 3T food – destined for Kosice in Slovakia. Transport provided by Wilmott Transport. Over £40k in funds raised!

17th of May 2022

Dispatch of food and other items from Ipswich to Kosice in 2 x 40 ft artic trucks. Items included flour, corn oil, starch and other long-lasting items donated by Westmill Foods. Transport was funded by Ukraine Sunflower Aid and Ardent Hire (from donations). All 1,100 mattresses have now been delivered

16th of July 2022

Third delivery of quilts to JF’s house by the Studley Quilters

21st of July 2022

Pick up of 6 crates of bedding donated by Abbey Glenn (industrial laundry) and transported to Ipswich. Transport provided by Ardent Hire

26th of July 2022

Additional 6 crates of bedding collected from Abbey Glenn and transported initially to Leeds, then to Ipswich. Transport provided by Ardent Hire

9th of August 2022

Dispatch of the following items to Kosice in 2x 40 ft artic trucks: Lorry 1: 14 pallets of hand sanitizer, 1 pallet of sugar, 2 pallets of flour, 1 pallet of chapati flour, 6 pallets of suitcases Lorry 2:16 pallets of hand sanitizer, 1 pallet of sugar, 1 pallet of corn oil, 2 pallets of inflatable beds, 2 pallets of suitcases,1 pallet of mix food, 1 pallet of flour, 4 mattresses, 20 double duvets. Transport funded jointly by Ukraine Sunflower Aid and Ardent Hire (from donations)

18th of August 2022

Soft launch of the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance

19th of August 2022

Collection of 170 mattresses from Swansea, donated by Let Us Furnish for delivery to Ipswich

20th of August 2022

The new Plant and Hire Aid Alliance website is launched. Services are donated by Noise Agency

24th of August 2022

Abbey Stadium Sports Centre in Redditch provides donations from Club members

16th of September 2022

Ardent raises sufficient funds from customers, suppliers and well-wishers to purchase a left-hand drive van which will serve as a makeshift ambulance and an on-the-ground transporter

23rd of September 2022

Save The World Club Charity, in Surbiton, donates items for the convoy on 16th October

25th of September 2022

Studley Quilters deliver their fourth batch of home-sewn quilts for refugees

2nd of October 2022

10 cages of bedding, duvets and pillows, all new are provided by Abbey Glenn

3rd of October 2022

The Plant and Hire Aid Alliance is now up to 35 members and the convoy is being represented by 17 vans

4th of October 2022

Jeremy Fish interviews with Executive Hire News to promote the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance and the convoy set for the 16th of October. As well as this, there was a successful delivery of 200 mattresses from Let Us Furnish into Ipswich depot. There are now 370 mattresses waiting to dispatch to Slovakia. On the same day, Gareth Clements hosts a live roadshow with BBC Radio Suffolk at Ardent Hire in Ipswich. More donations are received from members of the public

5th of October 2022

The Spanish Rental Association ASEAMAC joins the Alliance and provides a donation to buy supplies

13th of October 2022

Another 40 foot artic is loaded with 250 mattresses destined for Kosice, East Slovakia. Rotary International arranged for onward distribution into Ukraine. Transport is funded by Ukraine Sunflower Aid and Ardent Hire

14th of October 2022

Preparations for the convoy are nearing completion. The convoy includes 16 vans carrying over 1,500 boxes of aid with support from 40 members of the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance

16th of October 2022

The convoy sets off for Košice, Eastern Slovakia which is one hour from the Ukrainian border.

17th of October 2022

‘Let’s Give Ukrainian Children A Christmas’ appeal is launched. The plan is to fill a 40 foot artic truck with Christmas presents for displaced Ukrainian children

17th of October 2022

Convoy arrives. Jeremy Fish visits a Ukrainian Refugee Reception Centre in Košice and meets Andriy Baganich from Rotary International.

26th of October 2022

Kids Out confirms a donation of 6,000 presents for Ukrainian children.

27th of October 2022

Associated British Foods confirms a donation of 13 pallets of flour, total 11.5 tonnes.

28th of October 2022

Total presents collected so far is 8,000.

31st of October 2022

The Kids Out toys are collected and delivered to Ipswich.

1st of November 2022

Westmill (part of Associated British Foods) offers another donation of 522 x 10kg bags of flour on 6 pallets, total weight 5.2 tonnes. The total weight of donated food now stands at 46.7 tonnes.

4th of November 2022

Woodlands Power provides a donation of 8 petrol powered generators and several wheelchairs.

5th of November 2022

Mattresses donated now exceeds 1,500.

10th of November 2022

Plant and Hire Aid Alliance membership now exceeds 50 companies.

14th of November 2022

16.5 tonnes of flour and 30 mattresses are dispatched to Kosice. They arrived on 18th November and were repacked into a vehicle headed to the Rotary International Humanitarian Centre in Uzhhorod.

15th of November 2022

Wrapathon Appeal and live broadcast from Ipswich with BBC Radio Suffolk on the Luke Deal morning show.

16th of November 2022

Claydon High School, Ipswich is confirmed as the venue for the Wrapathon. Mark Cain at Tamdown secures donations of wrapping paper, Sellotape, 12,000 sticky labels and copious amounts of sausage rolls.

20th of November 2022

Molson Group and Lynch collect over 3,000 presents from Ipswich to wrap as part or organising their own local Wrapathons

24th of November 2022

All the presents are delivered to Claydon High School. It was raining cats and dogs all evening – but this didn’t stop the festive good cheer

25th of November 2022

Jeremy Fish interviews on the Luke Deal Show on Radio Suffolk. Additional interviews are with BBC Middle East providing commentary on the humanitarian crisis. Live broadcast at 6.30pm at Claydon High School attended by BBC Look East

26th of November 2022

The Wrapathon is held at Claydon High School, Ipswich. The event is attended by 174 volunteers who wrapped 14,250 presents over a 10-hour period. Food, live music and Santa hats added to the buzz of the day. The event was covered by BBC Look East on the Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

27th of November 2022

Post event coverage from BBC Radio Suffolk. Wrapped presents are flooding in from the public and members of the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance.

2nd of December 2022

Following a generous donation from a senior executive in the US, the Alliance places an order for 89 x 2.5kVA, 220-240V monophase generators. These are shipped from Ransbach-Baumbach in West Germany to Uzhhorod in West Ukraine

12th of December 2022

30,000 wrapped presents are despatched to the Ukrainian border from Ipswich. The event is attended by key donors and supporters.

16th of December 2022

The presents arrive at the Ukrainian border

19th of December 2022

Rotary International and the Charitable Fund for the Support and Development of Ukraine distribute the presents to Uzhhorod, Vinnytsia, Luhansk, Donetsk, Mykolayiv, Kherson, Mariopol and Kharkiv regions. Events are held across the country including in Luhansk and event hosted by the Governor, Serhiy Haidai, and several events held in Kyiv by the world famous fashion designer Andre Tan

20th of December 2022

The Plant and Aid Alliance launches an appeal for 10,000 generators

3rd of February 2023

The Plant and Hire Aid Alliance despatches a 90kVA generator that is destined for Oleksandriia Children’s Hospital. Funds for this have been raised by the Rotary Club of Bath/Friends of Oleksandriia. The despatch also includes 20 wheelchairs and 20 walking frames donated by City Tool Hire, 2 pallets of flour (donated by ABF), 12 pallets of sanitisers (Orca Hygiene), clothes and other items (HTS)

4th of February 2023

Studley Quilters donate their fifth batch of items including 17 quilts, 9 travel rugs and duvets. There’s no stopping them!

5th of February 2023

total donations from The Plant and Hire Aid Alliance exceed £2million since campaigning began

27th of January 2023

the work done by the Alliance is recognised by Rotary who award Jeremy Fish with the Paul Harris medal

10th of February 2023

an appeal for generators is launched which delivers 135 generators for Ukrainian families

24th of February 2023

Jeremy Fish represents the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance at a concert in Bath Abbey that is attended by 600 people.  Funds from the concert are used to buy a generator that is despatched by the Alliance to Ukraine

10th of April 2023

a 100kVA generator is purchased and transported to the Children’s Hospital in Oleksandriya

6th of May 2023

a second 100kVA generator is purchased from JCB and transported to the main hospital in Oleksandriya.  The shipment also includes domestic generators, sanitisers and other items.

12th of June 2023

the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance is presented with an award at Plantworx for its work in Ukraine. Jeremy Fish makes an empassioned speech requesting more assistance.

17th of June 2023

2 x 650kVA generators are donated by McLaren Construction and are lifted by crane off the roof off the IKEA building in Oxford Circus as part of a major refurbishment. The generators are transported to Purfleet and are transported on 4 HGV lorries the following week. The gensets are powering a water treatment plant that is serving 250,000 people in Sumy, East Ukraine, near the Russian border. The gensets are worth £100k.

18th of June 2023

Studley Quilters deliver their 6th consignment of quilts and other items for Ukrainian refugees

20th of June 2023

in conjunction with the Scrubbery, the NHS donates 255 pallets of hospital scrubs which require 10 x 40 foot artics. Rotary International co-ordinates the deliveries into Uzhhorod, Lviv and other parts of Ukraine. The value of the donation is £500k

22nd of June 2023

an appeal is launched to raise funds for hospital scrubs transport which is costing £31k. 8 out of 10 trucks are funded within 48 hours by PHA members and other benefactors.

5th of July 2023

the first 40’ truck departs from Enfield with Hospital Scrubs. Delivery is co-ordinated by Ardent Hire, World Cargo Logistics, the NHS and Rotary International.

12th of July 2023

the second 40’ truck departs from Enfield.

30th of July 2023

the remaining trucks are despatched to Ukraine. Rotary International advises that our supplies have reached the front line

15th of September 2023

Ardent raises £10k in donations to fund 3,850 blankets for its Autumn convoy. Supporters include Kubota, Manitou, HTS Spares, Agriglaze, Astrak, Commercial Filters and Tyrefix.

16th of September 2023

planning starts for a gala dinner on March 7th 2024 at Edgbaston County Cricket Ground which is being organised by the PHA and Point of Rental Software to raise £150k for Ukrainian refugees.

17th of September 2023

Hirebase raises nearly £4k through its Yorkshire Three Peaks Walk for PHA donations

28th of September 2023

donations in kind from the Plant and Hire Alliance now exceed £4m.

14th of October 2023

third convoy run attended by 7 vehicles with 750 boxes of aid delivered to Presov, close to the Ukrainian border, and distributed to the 128 battalion (Ukraine’s second oldest ground forces unit) at the frontline in Zaporizhzhia by Rotary International

2nd of November 2023

JCB donates 1,000 gifts to the campaign “Let’s Give Ukrainian Children Another Christmas This Year”

4th of November 2023

a Russian missile kills 28 members of the 128 battalion and injures 38 others after an informant betrays their position at an awards ceremony

8th of November 2023

Studley Quilters deliver their seventh consignment of aid including blankets, quilts and other toys

9th of November 2023

Kids Out donates 2,000 unwrapped toys to the campaign “Let’s Give Ukrainian Children Another Christmas This Year”

10th of November 2023

KeyCraft Global donates 4,500 cuddly toys to the campaign “Let’s Give Ukrainian Children Another Christmas This Year”. Zappshelter funds the transport from Peterhead in Aberdeen to Ipswich

10th of November 2023

A donation of US$25,000 is pledged by Rouse International which will be used to buy generators for schools and shelters

2nd of December 2023

Wrapathon at Framlingham High School is attended by over 100 volunteers who wrap over 7,200 gifts. The event is covered by BBC Radio Suffolf, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and Radio GenX.

9th of December 2023

Mini Wrapathon at Kempston wraps 2,200 gifts – attended by 50 volunteers

14th of December 2023

15,000 gifts, 14 tonnes of flour, 4 tonnes of feminine hygiene products,1 tonne of petfood, 3 tonnes clothes and domestic generators despatched on 2 x 40 ft artics. Destination Presov, East Slovakia, about an hour from the Ukrainian border

18th of December 2023

gifts arrive and are distributed by Rotary to orphanages in Transcarpathia and border towns in the conflict zone including Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kupiansk, Dnipro, Kramatorsk, Chuguyiv, Kherson, Borova and Odesa

30th of December 2023

donations by the PHA now exceed £4.5m

3rd of January 2024

23 generators are purchased – 13 are sent to Odesa, 7 to Kharkiv and 3 to Gammelsvenskby – all on the front line. The generators are providing power to community shelters, schools, kindergartens and communal areas.

17th of February 2024

the charity ‘Kids Out’ donates 30 pallets of toys for the PHA’s 2024 campaign, “Let’s Give Ukrainian Children Another Christmas This Year’. Travis Perkins and DHL arrange storage of the toys in a warehouse in Northampton

24th of February 2024

Jeremy Fish represents the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance at a recital at Bath Abbey by Mariia Yaremak, called “Light from the Dark”. The event raised funds to buy a school bus for school children in Oleksandriya, Southeast Ukraine

26th of February 2024

Westmill Foods donates 11 tonnes of flour which are delivered to Ipswich

15th of March 2024

a donation from Gama Healthcare and SHAP of 264 pallets of hospital grade Clinell antiseptic wipes and hospital bandages is secured. The PHA appeals to members for funds to despatch trucks to the 30th City Otolaryngology Hospital, Kharkiv and the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Traumatology Hospital who need the supplies. Lubov offer to distribute the flour to charity bakeries along the front line.

19th of March 2024

the first two trucks carrying the flour and over 60 pallets of wipes are despatched to Kosice. Volunteers from Rotary despatch the items into country.


Our Autumn Convoy



Childrens Christmas Appeal

Children are the innocent victims in this horrendous war. Families continue to be split up, with many being killed, including children. Homes and livelihoods have been destroyed and millions of families face an uncertain future.

We want to try and bring a little bit of joy into children’s lives this Christmas. Last year we managed to collect, wrap and send 30,000 presents to the children of Ukraine. Through the generosity of local communities, partners, suppliers, customers, families and friends, we are hoping to collect enough toys and gifts to give Ukrainian children another Christmas this year.

Ukraine Christmas Present Appeal

Our Work

We’re working with Rotary International who are one of several organisations providing relief to refugees.

In District 2240, the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic RC, our efforts are being co-ordinated by Andriy Baganich, a local businessman and Past District Governor who is using Slovakian and Ukrainian volunteers to deliver supplies from the city of Košice to areas all over Ukraine.

Andriy says, “There are 69 Rotary clubs all over Ukraine helping to distribute aid to those in need. Rotary is also working with dozens of charities in Ukraine, such as Women’s Union of Ukraine, Quality of Life, Foundation for Support and Development of Ukraine, Ukrainian Renaissance Foundation, Path of Life, numerous self-government bodies, schools and hospitals.

Humanitarian aid is being collected at 3 warehouses in Kosice, then delivered directly to refugees by Ukrainian trucks and railway wagons. Some loads are distributed via the Rotary humanitarian hub in Uzhhorod, Ukraine, operated by Rotary Club Uzhgorod, with the help of postal services.

The Ukrainian Rotary District 2232 created several specialized commissions for the distribution of food, water filters, medicines and ambulances. They are helping to determine the needs and location of aid distribution. Information is being received directly from recipients, as well as from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defence.”



Mattresses Delivered

Blankets Delivered

Tonnes of Food Delivered

Funds Raised (GBP)

Suitcases Delivered

Boxes of Aid Delivered

Tonnes of Medical Supplies Delivered

Christmas Presents Collected

Generators Donated

Mattresses Donated by:

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Our documented journey so far


Check out our news stories

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Can I be a member of the Alliance if I’m not joining the convoy?

Yes, of course. There are many other ways you can participate. For example you could help with donations which others will be glad to transport to Kosice

Who decides what items are needed?

This is being determined by Rotary International who are operating in Ukraine. Requests are being received directly from those in need, as well as from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defence.

What does it cost to join the Alliance?

Nothing. The Alliance is a group of like-minded companies who want to be seen as a force for good by sending a message of collective support on behalf of the hire industry.

Do I need to be a UK-based company to join the Alliance?


Do I have to work in the hire industry?

Ideally you need to be operating in the hire industry space or supporting companies in the hire industry

I can’t join this convoy but I’d like to be involved in future events. How do I do this?

Just join the Alliance and we’ll keep you informed of future initiatives.

Hats off to a Worthy Cause

Support Ukraine and stand out from the crowd with a brand new, personally customised hard.


Plant & Hire Aid Alliance’s Blog

Massive Donation for Ukraine: Help Required!

Massive Donation for Ukraine: Help Required!

The Plant and Hire Aid Alliance has received donations of 264 pallets of aid for Ukrainian refugees and we need help to get them out there. The load includes 11 pallets of flour, 245 pallets of hospital grade universal and detergent wipes and 8 pallets of hospital...

Jeremy Fish receives Points of Light Award from Prime Minister

Jeremy Fish receives Points of Light Award from Prime Minister

Jeremy Fish is delighted to have received a Points of Light Award from 10 Downing Street, on behalf of all the team at the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance. The award, given daily, recognises outstanding individual volunteers who are making a change in their community....

14 tonnes of flour for Ukraine’s daily bread

14 tonnes of flour for Ukraine’s daily bread

The Plant & Hire Aid Alliance would like to thank Westmill Foods for donating 14 tonnes of flour. This flour was on our latest convoy and was delivered, with the help of Rotary International, across Ukraine for distribution to many small villages and local people...

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