On the 15th October 2023, we’re planning our third convoy of vehicles that will take aid to Ukraine. We’re looking for plant and hire industry companies to join us on the convoy that will be leaving for Kosice on the 15th, arriving Monday evening on the 16th.

Working with Rotary International, our plan is to drive to Kosice, in Eastern Slovakia, where we will deliver supplies to a warehouse that will be driven into Ukraine by local volunteers. This is already a tried and tested route that has made an impact to the lives of thousands of Ukrainians.

The continuing war in Ukraine is likely to leave vast swathes of the population struggling as Winter approaches. The ruling Russian elite will be hoping that the Western media loses interest in the war so that they can continue their invasion as part of fulfilling their aims. Already their hopes are becoming reality.

Procure Items

We’re looking for donations including the following:-

  • Food, camping food, baby food;
  • aids for disabled and elderly;
  • hygiene items (except sanitisers);
  • powerful inverter generators (5kW and more);
  • heaters;
  • candles, torches;
  • sleeping bags and mats;
  • thermal clothing, warm socks;
  • first aid kits;
  • power-banks;
  • bedding;
  • disposable dishes.


Get Involved

If any companies would like to join us as part of the convoy or would be able to donate any items from the list above, then contact us on: hello@aid-alliance.com

All companies who join us will be featured in our social media, as well as on the Aid Alliance website at www.aid-alliance.com.

Thank you, in advance, for your kind support.