Jeremy Fish is delighted to have received a Points of Light Award from 10 Downing Street, on behalf of all the team at the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance.

The award, given daily, recognises outstanding individual volunteers who are making a change in their community. Jeremy is the 2226th Point of Light to be named since the scheme began in 2014.

In a personal letter sent to Jeremy, the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak praised the work of the Alliance, including their recent efforts that sent 45,000 Christmas gifts to the children of Ukraine.

“I want to thank you for all you have done to ensure that Children in Ukraine have been able to celebrate Christmas,” said the Prime Minister.

He also noted the ‘truly phenomenal’ £4.5million of aid that the Alliance has delivered to Ukraine so far.

“You are making a huge difference for those experiencing hardships because of Russia’s aggression,” continued the PM, describing the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance as ‘a fantastic initiative’.

“Your kindness – and that of the people across your community – has brought joy and comfort to thousands of people in Ukraine” he added.

Jeremy’s local MP, Sir Sajid Javid was ‘delighted’ by the award, saying: “Jeremy’s tireless efforts organising Christmas gift appeals and coordinating over £4.5 million of aid for Ukraine has had a huge impact on the lives of many affected by the conflict. His actions truly embody the spirit of the Points of Light award programme and I am delighted that his work has been recognised by the Prime Minister.”

While Jeremy was honoured to receive the recognition, he was also keen to point out that the Alliance is a huge team effort. “This award is for everyone who has worked tirelessly to turn a crazy idea into such a hugely successful reality,” he said. “From industry colleagues who have given their time and effort to coordinate appeals, to the drivers who haul the aid across Europe and the wider industry who have been so generous and supportive.”

If your company has any surplus stock that you can spare, or you would like to make a donation of goods or cash to support suffering families in Ukraine, please get in touch with the Alliance by emailing, or completing the contact form on the website.