We’re all struggling with rising energy costs, as the cold weather of winter bites; but imagine if you had no access to energy at all. That’s exactly what the people of Ukraine are facing as daytime temperatures drop to -4°C, and overnight temperatures plummet to -8°C and lower.

Many families only have electricity for two or three hours a day, and they’re struggling to keep themselves and their children warm in the harsh Eastern European winter.

Such cold and hardship just doesn’t bear thinking about. If it was happening to a family you knew, you wouldn’t just stand by and let it happen, you’d do something about it.

But how can you help a family thousands of miles away in Ukraine? Simple – you can make a donation to the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance ‘Power to Ukraine’ appeal and send warmth direct to those who need it most.

Getting generators on the ground

The Alliance is working hard to get generators to the Ukrainian families that desperately need them, to heat their homes and shelters and care for their children and elderly relatives. Our target is 10,000 generators, and we need your company to help us reach it.

A generator costs just £279 – less than one month’s winter energy bill for an average family – and it will keep a Ukrainian family warm for months to come. The more you can spare, the more generators we can send, direct from the manufacturer, straight to families in desperate need.

Please help if you can

As we reach the end of the financial year, we understand that many companies are finding it tough, but if you can find just a little left over in your budget, it will make a big difference. £279 helps one family, £2790 will help ten. With many families sharing accommodation, you could help up to 100 people to stay warm, for a donation of just £3,000.

The Alliance is working with Rotary International to ensure that your support goes straight to the families that need it most. None of the Alliance team, or running costs, are paid for from donations, so you can rest assured that every penny will make a real difference.

We appreciate your help

To show our appreciation, we will feature all companies who donate in our social media, as well as on the Aid Alliance website at www.aid-alliance.com.

Times may be hard for businesses, but for the people of Ukraine, they are so much harder. So we appeal to every company, and every individual, to please have a look at your budget and see what you can spare. You cash could literally save lives.

Click on this link now to find out more and to make your donation, and please share the link with anyone you can think of who might help.

On behalf of the people of Ukraine, we thank you for your support.