With the second winter of the war rapidly approaching, the people of Ukraine need your help and support now more than ever. 600 days of conflict have taken their toll, killing innocent people and destroying homes and your support is desperately needed.

What can you do to help?

You might feel like there’s nothing you can do about the suffering caused by a far-away war, but there absolutely is. You can help directly and practically, right now, by donating to the latest aid convoy from the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance.

The alliance has already raised over £4million to bring power, heat, medical supplies and more to the war-torn regions. Their next convoy volunteers delivering aid to Ukraine is due to depart on 15th October and they need your help to make sure that each and every van in that convoy is filled to the brim with much-needed supplies.

What does the convoy need?

The convoy urgently needs:

  • food, camping food, baby food
  • aids for disabled and elderly
  • hygiene items (except sanitisers)
  • powerful invertor generators (5 kW and more)
  • heaters
  • candles, torches
  • sleeping bags and mats
  • thermal clothing, warm socks
  • first aid kits
  • power banks
  • bedding
  • disposable dishes

As you can see, these are not luxury items, but basic essentials that we all take for granted. These items will make a huge difference to the people of Ukraine as they struggle with the coming winter. With temperatures dropping to sub-zero both day and night, many of these items are literally the difference between life and death.

An eight van convoy of aid

Eight vans are currently signed up for the convoy. These are all manned by volunteers from the plant hire sector, and are stocked by the generous donations from dozens of other companies and individuals.

But they still need more. The Alliance needs the rest of the industry to step up, right now, as both companies and individuals, to make this convoy a success in saving lives in Ukraine.

Please help the Alliance make this convoy as effective as possible by donating whatever you can, as soon as you can. Whether that’s surplus stock, items bought specially for the convoy or simply a cash donation, every contribution helps to fill the trucks to the top and bring urgent relief to people who are suffering after 19 months of a war they didn’t start and never wanted.

There is something you can do. The Alliance needs your help right now, so please give whatever you can by visiting their Just Giving page or contact The Plant and Hire Aid Alliance directly by emailing hello@aid-alliance.com. Thank you for your support.